Achieving sustainable lifestyles

Low Carbon Living

What if…Oxfordshire’s places were designed to support low carbon lifestyles? What if no new buildings were connected to the gas network? What if all new buildings could only use low carbon energy sources? What if Oxfordshire had exemplar energy efficiency standards? How could all aspects of development be low carbon, including construction and the long-term behaviours of occupants?

A bit like…Low Carbon Oxford. It is a network of organisations with a shared vision of Oxford as a low carbon city. Over 40 diverse organisations all working together to achieve the city’s very ambitious target of reducing emissions in Oxford by 40% by 2020.

Water Efficient Living

What if…We were aware of how much water we used each day?

What if using water efficiently became the social norm?

What if Oxfordshire’s places were ambitiously designed to achieve water neutrality?

Climate Resilient Living

What if…Oxfordshire’s places were adaptable to respond to the extremes of a changing climate in a way that didn’t increase the burden on our natural environment and didn’t harm our quality of life?

How can resilience be achieved in the face of an uncertain future?

Share your ideas!

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