Taking the services
to rural Oxfordshire

New technology, such as AV, drones, user focused business models and the levels of digital connectivity that will be delivered across the county, will enable new models of service delivery to be applied to support rural areas.

Virtual Working

What if…With the emergence of holographic and immersive technology, improved virtual meeting services led to a steep increase in working from home and immersive centres in villages and towns, re-using libraries as immersive culture, learning and work centres?

Could the shift to remote working experienced during the Coronavirus pandemic combine with new technology to cement a shift in working patterns that reduces the need for travel to work?

What could Oxfordshire do to enable individuals and companies to adopt this approach further?

A bit like...HTC Vive, USA. The telecoms company offers meetings and presentations in a 3D virtual reality space, with employees having their own personalised avatars and even convey body language.

Electric Vehicles

What if…Electric vehicle platforms allowed for multiple services to be provided on the same base power/drive unit, making more efficient use of the drive unit and allowing for cheaper demand driven services to be provided into rural areas? Could surgeries, police, mobile libraries, drop in provision etc all use autonomous units drive to locations as determined and either drop off the work unit to move to the next assignment or cover multiple locations across the county in one day? How could the unit be seamlessly fitted out to the requirements of each service?  Will Autonomous vehicles be more of a positive solution for Rural Oxfordshire than our urban areas?

A bit like...Do you know a good example of electric vehicle platforms being used? Could it be replicated here? If so, how and what is stopping it from happening now?

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