Achieving sustainable communities

A Sustainable Response to Population Growth

What if…Oxfordshire’s population continued to grow (as predicted) and there were enough homes for everyone, infrastructure and services kept up with the pace of growth, and communities were built/strengthened?

What would this look like?

How could accommodating the needs of a growing population be balanced with the need to protect the natural environment?

Where would people live?

Meeting the Needs of Older People

What if…The number of older people in Oxfordshire continued to rise (those aged 85+ are expected to increase by 63% - or 10,900 people - by 2032) and older people were able to thrive in their communities, were able to enjoy a good quality of life, and able to access the facilities, services and care that they need? How would this be achieved? How de we meet their needs while also facilitating the expected increase in working age population.

A bit like…Homeshare Oxford. Run by Age UK, it sees young people struggling to afford accommodation matched up with an older person looking for help and companionship across the county. The young person helps out with tasks such as gardening, shopping, IT or a trip out, giving much needed social interaction with the older person and reducing the risk of isolation.

Creating a Fair and Equal Oxfordshire

What if…Everyone in Oxfordshire had access to good quality jobs, education and healthcare? What if crime rates were lowered and everyone felt safe and secure where they live/work/play? What if barriers to housing were removed and everyone benefitted from high quality living environments that supported active and healthy lifestyles? What if everyone working in Oxfordshire earned at least a living wage and could benefit from an equal, long life expectancy? What might need to change to achieve this?

A bit like…Community wealth building, Preston. Local councils and so-called “anchor institutions” such as universities seek to develop a more diverse blend of ownership models: returning more economic power to local people and institutions, as well as developing and extending community use of valuable local assets, a model that has seen a reduction in unemployment and in-work poverty.

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