Zero Carbon Energy

Given the current climate crisis, we need to explore different ways of providing efficient and renewable energy across Oxfordshire.

Zero Carbon Energy

By striving to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, we can reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment and improve air quality in Oxfordshire. 

Reaching net zero carbon will require collaborative action from all local households, businesses and organisations. By implementing energy efficiency programmes and carbon targets, and supporting community-owned renewables, we can reduce the impact of our buildings and manufacturing outputs. We can also increase the availability and uptake of renewable energy sources, such as fitting suitable schools and commercial buildings with solar panels or providing zero carbon solutions for homes without access to mains gas. Beyond generating zero carbon energy, we can retrofit buildings to make them more energy efficient, and make sure new buildings are built with a fabric-first approach and to the highest sustainability standards.

Oxfordshire is already a global leader in innovation for our low carbon future. With smarter energy management infrastructure, such as local energy storage, which integrates with existing systems, we can encourage adoption of zero carbon energy sources. Our transport network also needs to be low - or zero - carbon, whilst remaining affordable and accessible for all residents. 

Would you consider switching to a community-owned renewable energy source?

What changes do you think you could make to help us achieve net-zero carbon?

Would you support more solar and wind farms, panels on public buildings and hydro plants along waterways?

Would you consider taking measures to improve the energy efficiency of your house e.g. insulation, refitting window frames, replacing electrical and heating appliances with more energy efficient ones?

This response was submitted by One Planet Oxfordshire In 2018, One Planet Oxfordshire brought together a wide range of local councils, organisations, businesses, schools and community groups from across the county to collaboratively create a ‘Shared Vision’ for a better, more sustainable future. It outlines the ‘outcomes’ we want to achieve – what will the future of Oxfordshire look like? 

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