A Place Based Approach


The five District Council Local Plans take a sustainable approach to allocate growth and development to Oxford, other Market towns and larger villages across the county. Consideration of the distribution of growth across the county has also highlighted a need to consider the different characteristics of these places. There are different requirements and priorities for infrastructure need when growth is added to an existing town compared to a village in a more rural setting.

Geographical Areas of Focus

It is recognised that Oxfordshire’s future needs and the nature of schemes vary according to the county’s various types of place. OxIS complements the more detailed work at a District level and as such this work is not aimed to duplicate this but to collaboratively draw together the views across Oxfordshire. The three spatial groupings have thus broadly been retained, however, the local level has been adapted away from a corridor-based to a place-based approach.

The use of this spatial framework forms a coherent thread throughout OxIS in relation to the identification of existing infrastructure, future needs, and scheme appraisal.

OxIS Towns & Surrounds
  1. Oxford City
  2. Abingdon & Surrounds
  3. Banbury
  4. Bicester
  5. Carterton
  6. Chipping Norton
  7. Didcot & Wallingford
  8. Wantage & Grove
  9. Witney
OxIS Rural Communities
  1. Berinsfield
  2. Chalgrove
  3. Eynsham & Long Hanborough
  4. Grenoble Road & Northfield
  5. South Cherwell area & Woodstock
  6. Upper Heyford
  7. Faringdon & Shrivenham
  8. Bayswater Brook

Place Based Approach

OxIS is underpinned by a spatial framework, which has helped identify infrastructure relevant to different levels of geographical focus. This is set out in the table below.

Sub National


Oxfordshire’s needs and infrastructure schemes in the context of the wider area, including the South East and Oxford-Cambridge Arc. Projects in this category would be of regional or national importance, identified by national and sub-national bodies that cross through or run adjacent to Oxfordshire and other counties e.g. East-West Rail


County Wide

Needs and schemes with a county-wide importance or scale


District Wide

Multi-District or District wide scale including wider rural areas. The established Knowledge Spine area of employment, as recognised in the Oxfordshire Local Industrial Strategy also, is also reflected within this spatial level


Towns & Surrounds

Needs and schemes directly relevant to towns in Oxfordshire with notable projected future growth to 2040 (2040 to 2050 will be covered in Stage 2)


Rural Communities

Needs and schemes directly relevant to rural communities, including villages and those in the rural-urban fringe, with notable projected future growth to 2040 (2040 to 2050 will be covered in Stage 2)

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