Personalised mobility - Mobility as a service (MaaS) / Transportation as a Service (TaaS)

The idea of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is one that is growing as better transport data and a wider variety of transport options become available. This coupled with the ever-improving application of Artificial Intelligence means these new mobility models are becoming more widespread and more effective in delivering efficient transport across multiple modes. This in turn could see our thoughts change in terms of private vehicle ownership.

“As a service” transport

What if…By 2050 we have moved from a mobility approach focused on infrastructure which supports individual vehicles, to a service driven model where we have greater control and management of capacity and demand for mobility? How could user focused models that create mobility tailored for an individual at that point in time for that journey work for Oxfordshire? What hurdles remain in delivering this model? And should policy help to deliver this type of solution?

A bit like...Whim, Finland . Whim is an app that allows users to plan and pay for all modes of public and private transportation within Helsinki, including trains, taxis (short runs), buses, car shares and bike shares. Users enter a destination, select their preferred mode of transport, which can include single or multiple modes, and go.

Artificial Intelligence

What if…Our transport networks used Artifical Intelligence and predictive analytics to manage movements more efficiently? Could we create seamless individual transitions across multi-modal journeys (eg car share to train to e-bike)? Could this efficiency result in private vehicle ownership being focused on specialist vehicles or leisure purposes instead? Would this give you greater flexibility or do you see this as impacting on your quality of life?

A bit like..... Metropia, Arizona. The company’s mobility demand apps are being deployed in cities and states around the world including Houston and Taiwan, enabling better integration between transport modes, supporting congestion management and increasing use of ecologically friendly transport options. 

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