Personalised Freight

While looking into the future a lot of emphasis is put on personal connectivity; however one of the quickest growing vehicle movements is in freight and in particular “Last Mile” freight. Royal Mail in 2016 predicted parcel deliveries to increase annually by 4.5  to 5.5%.

Driven by greater digital connectivity and services, quick turnaround and delivery in online orders has become a benchmark while serving an individual customer’s needs, this puts greater pressure on wider community, particularly in more dense urban areas. The Covid-19 crisis has likely established an even greater ongoing demand for home delivery.

Digital Delivery and Services

What if…Deliveries into urban areas were digitally managed and integrated with network management and penalties for inefficient deliveries? Could there be freight consolidation at the edge of built up areas with a transfer to a combination of bespoke autonomous vehicles and electric pedal low impact vehicles for the last mile? What changes would need to be implemented to allow this? Could we eliminate HGVs and vans from urban areas entirely? What sort of freight solution will we require for urban and rural Oxfordshire in 2050?

A bit like...Pedal & Post, Oxford .The company offers eco-friendly last mile delivery by bike across Oxford, including same-day courier, international deliveries and even food deliveries.


What if…Drone deliveries became more commonplace, with drone delivery zones at the edge of villages and towns? What restrictions would need to be in place in urban centres such as Oxford? Is drone delivery practical and feasible in our communities?

A bit like....Starship, Milton Keynes. The service which is accessed via mobile phone applications provides robot delivery services to communities.

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