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What is the Oxfordshire 2050 Plan?

Oxfordshire’s city and district councils are working together
to produce a new strategic plan for Oxfordshire - the Oxfordshire 2050 Plan.

The Oxfordshire Plan will include policies relating to climate change, environmental quality, infrastructure, development, urban renewal, and much more.

It will set out how much new development there will be in Oxfordshire to 2050 and where this new development will be located.

It will also set requirements for new development, to make sure that it takes account of its environmental impacts and is supported by necessary infrastructure.

You can read a summary here

General Information

Oxfordshire 2050 Plan Consultation Webinars

A series of public webinars have been held to give people the opportunity to learn more about the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

The webinars included presentations from principal members of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 team with district, and county partners.

You can see the first webinar here

The latest consultation on the plan is open until Friday 8 October.

For any further information please contact info@oxfordshireplan.org

Further Information

  • The Oxfordshire Plan will focus on the strategic planning issues relevant to the whole of Oxfordshire.
  • It will sit alongside adopted Local Plans and Neighbourhood Development Plans.
  • It will provide the framework for new Local Plans and Neighbourhood Development Plans.
  • It will be used to help make decisions on planning applications.
  • The Oxfordshire Plan will identify broad locations for new development. It will be up to local plans to identify specific development sites within this framework.
  • It will plan for the next 30 years, up to 2050. This is double the length of normal Local Plans.

We recently undertook our second consultation.
The consultation was open for a ten week period from 30 July until 8 October 2021. It is now closed.

In early 2019, we undertook an initial consultation called ‘Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan’. The purpose of that consultation was to ask for your views on what the vision, aspirations, objectives and strategy for the Oxfordshire Plan should be. 

You can download a full copy of the plan here (82MB) or explore using the links below.

Introduction and Context
Theme 1 -
Addressing Climate Change
Theme 2 -
Improving Environmental Quality
Theme 3 -
Creating Strong and Healthy Communities
Theme 4 -
Planning for Sustainable Travel and Connectivity
Theme 5 -
Creating Jobs and Providing Homes
Spatial Strategy Options
Plan downloads and background documentation

The consultation was open for a ten week period from 30 July until 8 October 2021. It is now closed

Plan Vision

We have previously consulted on this draft Vision for the Oxfordshire Plan:

'In 2050 the people of Oxfordshire are living in sustainable communities with a high quality of life and strong sense of community. The integrity and richness of the county’s historic character and natural environment are valued and conserved. A wide range of secure and good quality housing options are within reach for all.

Existing and new communities are well connected, integrated, distinct, attractive and desirable places to live; their design and layouts facilitate healthy lifestyles and sustainable travel options. Productivity has increased and residents are well-skilled and able to access a wide range of high-value job opportunities and share in wealth creation. The private and public sector continue to have the confidence to invest in the county.

Oxfordshire has embraced the technological, demographic and lifestyle changes of recent decades and new developments are fit for the future and resilient to climate change. The wellbeing of residents and workers is enhanced through being part of this special place’.

Plan Objectives

These objectives were formed following our earlier consultation on the Oxfordshire Plan:

To demonstrate leadership in addressing...

...the climate emergency by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To conserve and enhance Oxfordshire's historic...

...built and natural environments, recognising the benefits these assets contribute to quality of life, local identity and economic success.

To protect and enhance Oxfordshire's...

...distinctive landscape character, recreational and biodiversity value by identifying strategic green and blue infrastructure, improving connectivity between environmental assets and securing a net gain for biodiversity.

To improve health and wellbeing by...

...enabling independence, encouraging active and healthy lifestyles, facilitating social interaction and creating inclusive and safe communities.

To sustain and strengthen Oxfordshire's...

...economic role and reputation by building on our key strengths and relationships.

To ensure that the benefits and...

...opportunities arising from Oxfordshire's economic success are felt by all of Oxfordshire's communities.

To meet Oxfordshire's housing needs...

...including affordable housing, and to ensure that housing delivery is phased appropriately to support the needs of our communities.

To ensure that new housing is flexible...

...to meet the varied needs of people through all stages of life.

To deliver high quality, innovatively... 

...designed development that ensures efficient use of land and resources.

To reduce the need to travel and...

...support people in making sustainable transport choices by providing inclusive, integrated, safe and convenient pedestrian, cycle and public transport infrastructure linking communities

To ensure that communities are...

...digitally connected and that innovative technologies are supported.

We are seeking further views on the draft Vision and objectives for the Oxfordshire Plan as part of this consultation.

You can submit your comments here.

Explore the Plan

The policy options we are consulting on are based on five themes. You can find out more about each of these themes, the spatial options, the context of the plan and a call for ideas by following the links below. 

Download full copy of the Consultation document either as a plain pdf here or a designed pdf here.

You can read or download the full text of the Oxfordshire Plan Regulation 18 Part 2 consultation document here

You can read or download a summary leaflet about the Oxfordshire Regulation 18 Part 2 consultation document here

You can submit comments on the Oxfordshire Plan Regulation 18 Part 2 consultation document here

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