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Below are a selection of your responses, we encourage you to add your ideas, show your appreciation by voting and generally get involved. This programme is the result of your ideas and effort as a community - if you don't speak up then you'll never be heard.

Active Design

Around 30% of adults in England don’t do the recommended amount of weekly exercise. Alongside providing access to high-quality sports facilities, the design of where we live and work can play a vital role in keeping communities active.”

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Connecting Rural

Traditional planning has led to rural areas being disconnected and only accessible by car. By linking villages via a network of cycling and walking routes, villages could collectively grow and become viable and revitalised communities that are less reliant on the car.

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Brownfield First

As Oxfordshire grows, we must be smart about where and how we build. It’s not sustainable to continue building low density, suburban-style housing developments that are poorly designed.

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Oxfordshire's Rivers

We need urgent action to improve the quality of our waterways. Healthy rivers and streams increase biodiversity and leisure opportunities, providing economic and health benefits to local communities.

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A Night in Nature

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of access to nature for our physical and mental wellbeing. We must protect and enhance the countryside.”

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