Identifying Key Infrastructure


A robust four-stage identification, sifting, grouping and filtering process has been applied, to capture those schemes which are ‘strategic’ infrastructure. With no existing national or local definition of ‘strategic’ infrastructure, a broad definition has been applied to select not only schemes with a significant geographical coverage, scale or capital cost but also smaller scale schemes which remain strategically critical to the creation of successful places.

Identification of
Strategic Infrastructure

The objective identification of schemes has considered a wide range of sources reflecting the Oxfordshire Growth Board’s strategic ambitions: to achieve growth in a sustainable, clean, healthy and inclusive way aligned to the five OxIS Themes. Schemes have been considered which are required to deliver District growth aspirations and fulfil Oxfordshire’s needs to 2040.

A broad definition for strategic infrastructure has been applied for OxIS which:

  • Recognises key stakeholder’s views and captures schemes with a significant geographical coverage, scale or capital cost
  • Captures smaller scale schemes which remain strategically critical to success of places
  • Accounts for the longer-term horizon of OxIS
  • Excludes non-capital schemes, as well as those currently in delivery or advanced delivery stage

All identified schemes have been subject to a robust three-stage sifting, grouping and filtering process to assesses their strategic context.

Stage 1 of OxIS considers schemes that are already proposed in established sources by key stakeholders across the county, it does not devise new proposals.

OXIS Strategic
Infrastructure Schemes

The sifting and filtering process resulted in the identification of 259 OxIS strategic infrastructure schemes. Over half these schemes fall into the transport infrastructure type.

Schemes across the remaining twelve categories are generally evenly distributed; except for Digital (IF5) where no schemes have been identified or forthcoming.

Around 30% of OxIS Stage 1 schemes are of a regional scale; varying from sub-national schemes, county-wide schemes to strategic district-wide schemes.

The remaining schemes are local in nature split across the OxIS Towns & Surrounds (54%) and the OxIS Rural Communities (16%).

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