New ways of working in 2050

The debate around technology and the future of work grows louder by the day...

Rightly so; we’re confronted regularly with news of apparent breakthroughs in radical technologies, seemingly capable of disrupting whole industries, perhaps our very conception of work itself. 

With livelihoods at stake, it is natural that the public conversation is growing in urgency, along with the expectation for positive action to safeguard a future of good work. We expect work to become more automated, the lines between work and home to become increasingly blurred, telecommuting and distance working to increase and leisure time to increase.

Automation & skills

What if…Automation continues to grow within the workplace? Will technology augment or replace jobs? How can we ensure our young people have the right skills for jobs that might not exist yet in sectors that are only just emerging? How can we future-proof our businesses and workforce? 

A bit like…Mini Oxford. More than 1,000 robots are used in the production line for vehicles, but it is still a major employer in the area. The emergence of new technology such as electric and autonomous vehicles means automotive engineers are likely to be more in demand in the future. KPMG estimate that connected and autonomous vehicles could create an additional 320,000 jobs in the UK by 2030, 25,000 of which would be in automotive manufacturing.

Tele-commuting & co-working

What if…The shift to working from home necessitated during the Coronavirus pandemic becomes the new normal? Could new technology make the large floorplate office a thing of the past? Will our current working patterns fit new roles and future employment needs? Does this mean we should plan for many more community co-working / maker spaces as part of new developments – as part of each home?

A bit like…Fish Island Village in Hackney Wick, east London. The 580-home development sits alongside “incubator” work studios for design and digital start-up companies, freelancers and early stage entrepreneurs, supporting more than 500 jobs.

Work/life balance

What if…New technology and working practices enabled employees to work more efficiently, eliminated the need to commute and thus created more leisure time?

What could we do to encourage a better work/life balance in the future?

What leisure activities will be prevalent in the future and how can we plan to allow these to be enjoyed in new and existing developments?

How do we ensure we maintain social and community interaction and connection as technology develops?

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