Strengthening Oxfordshire’s Natural Assets

Access to green space

What if…Everyone in Oxfordshire had access to a network of high-quality green spaces? What if green and blue infrastructure was fully embedded in the design of our urban areas? What if people of all ages had opportunities to connect with and explore nature where they live/work/play? What would this look like? How could this be achieved?

A bit like…The Greenwich Green Roof project, London. It created a 3,500 sqm accessible rooftop garden on top of a commercial building in a retail park. It includes a wildflower meadow, bird and bat boxes, and garden planting beds for schools, community and employee users. 

Making green and blue spaces work better

What if…We re-thought how we plan for Oxfordshire’s green and blue spaces?

What might a new relationship between rural and urban areas, countryside and river be?

How might this shape the way that we deliver growth in Oxfordshire?

Supporting Biodiversity

What if…We repaired harm done to our natural environment? What if we sought to significantly increase habitat coverage in Oxfordshire? What if we found new and creative ways to support biodiversity in our urban areas? How might we ensure that habitats and species have opportunities to adapt and thrive in the face of a changing climate?

A bit like… Nature Recovery Networks in Oxfordshire. A nature recovery network is a joined-up system of places that are important for wildlife. For nature to recover, it is important to look beyond currently protected sites and take action to extend and link existing sites - both to support wildlife and to recover the range of economic and social benefits that nature provides. The aim in Oxfordshire should be to make existing patches of habitat bigger and better, increase the number of valuable habitat patches, improve connectivity, and restore natural processes.

Share your ideas!

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