Future of Connectivity
Oxfordshire 2050

With an over-reliance on private vehicles and ageing transport infrastructure...

...struggling to cope with capacity, it is clear our current transport models have to change – but how?

While it has always been hard to predict the future, when we look at the disruptive nature of global trends and heightened individual awareness of the changes happening globally, it has become even harder, particularly when transport is currently experiencing the most radical disruption since the turn of the last century, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

We have seen many new products developing quicker than ever and adoption rates of new technology across the general population at a greater rate than ever before. This is pushing fundamental changes to the mobility industry. Match this with emerging consumer choices about ownership and greater awareness of environmental impact and the sector becomes ripe for new opportunities. 

But how will we plan to move around in such a changing world? Recognising our infrastructure may not be fit for purpose on our old travel pattern, is it more or less fit for purpose given the changes we are likely to see? What will our infrastructure priorities be in the future?

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