Connecting Everything

The future of connectivity will be underpinned by Digital Connectivity whether it be to facilitate movement or to avoid unnecessary travel.

Digital infrastructure has undergone somewhat of a revolution in recent years, with more far reaching roll out of full fibre broadband to communities, the emergence of 4G and 5G mobile connectivity and an ever-expanding range of devices and technologies enabling people and things to communicate with one another more efficiently than ever before.

The boundaries between traditional infrastructure, connected devices and the Internet of Things (IOT), smart homes and places, and emerging revolutionary technology such as Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) are becoming increasingly blurred. 

Digital Connectivity and 5G

What if…5G was rolled-out across urban and rural Oxfordshire? If low earth orbit satellites provided connectivity in the most rural areas to ensure the whole of Oxfordshire had  strong superfast connections, what possibilities would that open? What challenges could it pose? Could we achieve complete connectivity?

A bit like...Germany. 5G is being rolled-out across 30 cities with the aim of connecting 16 million people by 2022. Private 5G networks are also being used to improve production for BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Osram lightbulbs and aircraft operations by Lufthansa.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

What if…the advancements in technology resulted in everything being connected (IoT), allowing mobility services to function more efficiently? How would the delivery of services to people in Oxfordshire and also in the delivery and maintenance of our mobility and the network it uses from roads to rails change if each element could connect with each other. Would it shift our focus to greater mass connectivity or revolutionise personal mobility?

A bit like...HIGH MOBILITY, a German company that produces software for connected cars that can analyse various bit of data to help improve mobility efficiency such as mapping optimal routes for electric vehicles via charging points based on traffic, elevation, weather conditions, charging speed, congestion etc.

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