The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is higher than at any time in at least 800,000 years. (81% of the total emissions in Oxford come from energy and fuel use in buildings). Since the Industrial Revolution began in about 1750, CO2 levels have risen by more than 30%.Most man-made emissions of CO2 come from burning fossil fuels.  In Oxford the fuel we burn on our doorsteps, such as for road transport, is responsible for 16% of the city’s emissions.

The UK is the biggest net importer of CO2 emissions per capita among the G7 countries as a result of buying goods manufactured abroad. By 2050 Oxfordshire will be a “Net Zero” county including indirect sources, through a swathe of measures from zero emissions vehicles, through to carbon capture solutions and carbon positive homes.  Is this ambitious enough or do we need to be “Carbon Negative” to ensure we support other areas of the country which do or cannot adapt as quickly?

Our Large Footprint

What if...We removed far more carbon than we released as a county? What could this look like? Could there be funding and support for carbon consuming start-ups to in the county? Could this inspire others to have similarly brilliant ideas?

bit like...
CCm Technologies, Swindon.  UK-based CCm Technologies has developed a method of producing fertiliser and soil conditioner through the use of captured carbon dioxide from industrial power generators.  

Hidden Emissions

What if...We all knew the climate impact we were having each day, because it was blindingly obvious?  What could this look like? Perhaps all businesses and public organisations could highlight the climate impact of their services and products?

A bit like...
Danone, France.  Danone committed that Evian bottled water would be carbon neutral, worldwide, by 2020. Danone displays the Carbon Trust’s footprint label on bottles sold across the USA and Canada to communicate its carbon neutral status to customers..

Lack of Action

What if…We were the most climate engaged county in the UK or even Europe?  What could this look like? Could citizens and businesses have carbon action plans such as carbon diets? Could there be incentives for being a low carbon citizen?

A bit like…Ducky, Norway.  The start-up has created an app that helps people measure and reduce their carbon footprint. Ducky helps people find a starting point and makes use of real-time monitoring and team competitions to encourage people to take action.

Share your ideas!

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