People are destroying natural wildlife habitats at a fast and accelerating rate (116 wild bee and hoverfly species in the UK are in decline). Global extinction rates are about 1,000 times higher than before humans came along, and the situation is only getting worse.Across Europe and Central Asia, 42% of land-based animal and plant species have declined in the last decade.

Factors include habitat loss, climate change, pesticides and disease. Oxfordshire is home to many rare and threatened plants and animals and has a high proportion of locally, nationally and internationally important sites which we must protect.

Destruction of Habitats

What if…Oxfordshire was famous for protecting the rights and habitats of its wildlife? What could this look like? Could all new building work in the county create or strengthen habitats, for example?

A bit like…Utrecht, Netherlands.  In July 2019, the council transformed more than 300 bus stops in the city into ”bee stops”.  These bee sanctuaries on top of the bus stops contain grass and wildflowers that attract bees but require little water and maintenance.

Low Awareness

What if…Oxfordshire residents were more aware of their local wildlife species and issues than in any other county? What could this look like? Could wildlife education for local citizens be prioritised and funded, for example?

A bit like…RSPB, UK.  In May 2019, they hit #11 in the UK music charts with a track featuring a chorus of endangered birds. The track is part of a campaign which aims to raise public awareness of the country's 25 critically endangered species.

Disjointed Action

What if…Businesses, government and citizens collaborated closely to protect and develop wildlife in the county?  What could this look like? Could each area across the county have priority species with action plans for local stakeholders, for example?

A bit like…
Wild West End, London.  The West End’s largest property owners are working together to encourage birds, bees and bats back into this area of London using green “stepping stones”, such as green roofs, walls, planters, street trees, flower boxes and pop-up spaces.

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