Appraisal Methodology


This OxIS Stage 1 report includes an objective and logical appraisal of the schemes identified which is underpinned by the Oxfordshire Growth Board’s priorities. It is made up of two key components, a Needs-Based Appraisal and a Growth Based Appraisal. These are combined to calculate an overall scheme score.

The needs-based appraisal is grouped by the five OxIS Themes and assigned a score across each of the 25 needs. Each scheme is assigned a score on a seven-point scale to determine its relative ability to fulfil Oxfordshire’s future needs to 2040. This scale incorporates both positive and negative scoring ranging from -3 to +3 to reflect that some schemes can both contribute and detract from these needs.

A growth appraisal was added to recognise the importance of schemes (e.g. utilities infrastructure) which may not score well within the needs-based appraisal, yet remain critical to enabling, unlocking and unblocking new development.

Factors impacting the scheme’s deliverability, has been considered post-appraisal as part of a Red Amber Green (RAG) assessment. This is to provide context to the scheme’s future prioritisation rather than form part of the overall score assigned.

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