Twenty-two sites across Oxfordshire are currently breaching air pollution limits (the highest, in Banbury, is over twice the limit) is impacting our health and wellbeing.

Health experts warn there is no safe level for toxic nitrous dioxide (NO2) and 75% of it in Oxford comes from vehicles on our streets. Clean air is fundamental for our life. Oxfordshire will be a place that leads the country in delivering solutions for “good air”, through zero emissions, and a place-based approach that favours cycling and walking so that our towns and villages will be clean, healthy places to live in.

Air Polluting Habits

What if…Oxfordshire could offer the best air to kids growing up in this country? What could this look like? Could air polluting become taboo in Oxfordshire? Could the county work towards banning all forms of air pollution?

A bit like…Clean Air for Bristol, UK.  In November 2019, Bristol City Council agreed to ban privately owned diesel cars from a central zone from 2021. This is a first, no other UK city is introducing an outright diesel ban.

Slow Air Restoration

What if…We were able to clean-up the county’s air by harnessing nature and technology?  What could this look like? Could extra-thick, pollution guzzling vegetation be installed around schools? Could grants be made available for air cleansing solutions?

A bit like…
Mexico City.  A mural project launched in March 2019 by Pernod Ricard in Mexico City uses a type of paint that purifies polluted air in a process akin to photosynthesis. The aim is to reduce pollution by an amount equivalent to that produced by 60,000 cars a year.  

Invisible Problem

What if…Citizens knew the healthiness of air everywhere within the county?  What could this look like? Could there be visual clues along key thoroughfares? Perhaps warning signals in areas where it is unsafe?

A bit like…
Hanwha Galleria, South Korea.  In April 2019, a mall in South Korea started changing colour to inform pedestrians of current air pollution levels. If high, the exterior lighting and video displays are red; if low, the building will display shades of green.

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